Congratulations to the winner of Aarhus Case Competition 2017 - Titanic Swim Team.

Aarhus Case Competition - Finale-53

If you want to learn more about Aarhus Case Competition, then please take a look at the video from the ACC week 2016.


A week packed with numerous hours of intense case solving, skill-providing workshops, interesting company presentations, and enjoyable social/networking events.

IMG_7315What is ACC?

Aarhus Case Competition is an annual competition for top business students from Nordic universities. During the ACC Week, the 9 participating teams will have to solve two introductory cases and one extensive 30-hour case and present this to top professionals. After the finals, the winning team will be announced and receive some considerable prizes in addition to the title of Nordic Case Solving Champions.

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IMG_6965What is Aspire Case Camp?

In essence, Aspire Case Camp is for all business students at Aarhus University who want to improve their case solving skills and try out the concept of competitive case solving.

Compared to the main competition of ACC which requires participation the whole week, Aspire Case Camp is more flexible and allows the students to experience one day, two days, or the whole week.

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IMG_6884Intensive Case Solving

The core of Aarhus Case Competition is case solving. Not one, but three different cases will be included during the ACC Week to provide a valuable insight into the world of case solving. The two first trial cases will focus on learning the essentials of case solving while the main case will give you a chance to show everyone what you have learned.

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