Case Company 2012: Arla Foods

The Monday Case: Growth Case

The main thought behind the 1st case was to isolate the problem solving, and make the partcipants apply the pyramid principle.

The case was about how Arla Foods should pursue in order to reach the required gap of DKK 10.05 bn for the 2015 revenue target. In order simulate a real life business case the case had various deadlines, where the teams had to hand in structure, argumentations and solutions.

The judgment of the case was based on the ability to apply the pyramid principle and to present the data using charts in order to create a cohesive understanding.


The Tuesday Case: M&A Case

The main thought behind the case was how to make a good presentation. In order to win the case the participants had to master the combination of slides and presentation skills.

In the case the case solvers was given 10 potential takeover targets, where the case solvers had to identify the three most appealing takeover targets, based on the data received at case hand out. Further the team had to determine which one of three targets Arla Foods should approach for deal negotiations.

The case had deadlines throughout the case, and the judgment was based on the presentation as well as the argumentation.


The Main Case: The Yellow Cheese Case

The main thought behind the main case was to apply what the participants have learned throughout the whole week. The participants needed to think outside the box, master slides, high presentation skills, show implementation, Q&A defend, team effort, spirit and motivation in order to win the main competition.

The case was based on a real life issue Arla Foods was facing. The teams should come up with a solution, on how to bring back growth into Arla’s Nordic yellow cheese business. Arla Foods had been facing declining market share on the Nordic yellow cheese market, which is very profitable business for Arla Foods.