Danske Commodities

Case company 2014: Danske Commodities

An international trader of energy-related commodities with headquarters in the heart of Aarhus.

During the ACC Week, the participants have been challenged with a total of three cases revolving around Danske Commodities; two introductory cases Monday and Tuesday, respectively, and the main case.

Prior to the ACC Week, the participants received a pre-read about Danske Commodities providing the context for the three cases of the week: Pre-read from Danske Commodities.


The Monday Case

In the Monday case, the participants were given the task to create Danske Commodities’ new sales strategy and provide recommendations for an organizational structure supporting a successful implementation of the strategy.

Read the Monday Case, “Growing dc’s Sales”, here: Monday Case, 2014.


The Tuesday Case

In the Tuesday case, the participants were given the challenge to assist one of Danske Commodities’ German clients in deciding how to expand their asset portfolio. The participants had to consider the client’s existing portfolio and the future development of the energy markets and make a clear suggestion on which technology to invest in.

Read the Tuesday Case, “The German Client”, here: Tuesday Case, 2014.


The Main Case

The main case of ACC 2014 revolved around the further development and strategic direction of Danske Commodities. The participants were given the task to build a three-year strategic roadmap recommending how dc should allocate the company’s resources to ensure future profitable growth. The recommendations had to take into account the extent and return on any new investments and reflect dc’s corporate values.

Read the Main Case, “Taking dc to the next level: Finding the Pathway to Value Creation”, here: Wednesday Case, 2014.

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