What is Power-user and how can it help you?

Power-user is a productivity add-in for PowerPoint and Excel. The software is designed to help students and professors create amazing presentations in very little time.


Access to a large library of visual content: PowerPoint templates, icons, maps, pictures, diagrams, but also Gantt, Waterfall and Mekko charts. There are more than 1000 visual elements you can use directly to beautify your presentations for your courses or internships.


Automation of formatting tasks. Easily harmonize your presentation’s format by changing colors, fonts or titles in your entire deck.


Easy manipulation of shapes: simple but intuitive tools to swap shapes, make them same size, bring them further or closer from one another, make your slide symmetric, etc.


Taking you out of painful Excel situations with some unique macros to resolve unaddressed Excel problems such as cleaning formulas, removing empty cells or managing merged cells.

power user


How can I get a free license?

The partnership between Power-user and the ACC allows you to use the software for free during your study at Aarhus BSS. You can get the free license by clicking here.


What should I do in case of technical issues or questions?

The support is handled directly by Power-user. Contact them from their website and be specific that you are a student from Aarhus BSS.