What is Aspire Case Camp

Aspire Case Camp allows business students at Aarhus BSS to learn more about competitive case solving as a concept. As a participant, Aspire Case Camp is a way of being introduced to case competitions and improving your actual case solving skills. In other words, Aspire Case Camp can serve as an educational first step for you if you aspire to participate in future case competitions.


Aspire Case Camp will be held concurrently with the main competition in week 15, 2018. As an Aspire participant, you will experience the same company presentations and introductory cases Monday and Tuesday. The main case will also be the same as the one for the selected 9 teams in the main competition, but the Aspire Case Camp participants will have 24 hours to hand in their solution whereas the selected 9 teams will have 30 hours.


Compared to the main competition of ACC, Aspire Case Camp is more flexible and allows the students to experience one day, two days or the whole week. This flexibility enables the students to keep up with their normal studies while they participate. But in order to fully take advantage of the educational benefits available through participation, we strongly encourage you to sign up for all 3 cases during the ACC Week.