The Aspire week

Aspire Case Camp will be held concurrently with the main competition in week 15, 2018.

Monday and Tuesday are reserved for two workshop sessions with professional consultants. Here, the participants will be introduced to some usable tips and tricks for solving and presenting a case in a professional way, and they will learn a variety of tools for applying their academic skills in creating solutions to real-life business-related issues and challenges.


The winner of the Monday case will be announced Monday at 19:00 after their presentations, and the winner of the Tuesday case will be announced Tuesday at our event hosted by Deloitte.


Each of the two workshops are followed by an introductory case where the participants get a chance to make use of their newly required knowledge and practice their case solving skills before the main case is released Wednesday morning. 24 hours after the release of the main case, each team must submit their solution.


Thursday, one of our partners will host an inspiring event for the participants and all students at Aarhus BSS followed by the Aspire Case Camp finals. The winners will take home prizes and they will get access to Friday night’s ACC VIP Party. The winner of the main case will be announced at the ACC finals.


Friday is the day of the ACC finals which we strongly encourage the Aspire Case Camp participants to attend; the finalists will present their solution to a jury consisting of top executives and CEO’s as well as an audience of 500 business students, and the winning team will be announced.


As Aspire Case Camp allows the students to experience one day, two days or the whole week, please remember to sign up for each of the days you wish to participate.